WAR Swabs

WAR Swabs

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50 Pack of Q-Tips



"I've been using War Tape since 2011 and it’s the only tape I use.
It’s simply the best"

Freddie Roach

"Myself and everyone at the Robert Garcia Boxing Academy has always considered WAR Tape the best tape in boxing. Whether it's a 12 round Championship fight or a 2 hour training session, nothing protects your hands like WARTAPE, the longest lasting and most durable tape."

Robert Garcia

"The tape of champions. Wartape I recommended to protect the hands of champions"

Eddie Reynoso

My name is Maggie Grindatti I am a 7x Brazilian Jiujitsu World Champion and I have been using wartape consistently since 2016. I started competing jiujitsu professionally and it was the only tape that would hold on my fingers through any tough training as well as all of my fights, from start to finish. Not only does it hold which is important but application is also easy. Most of the time with a regular roll of tape you have to continuously rip it to the width that you want. Wartape comes in .5 inches which is the perfect width for taping finger but as well as thicker inches to be able to tape body parts such as wrists and ankles that are always getting hurt. 


After using wartape for 4 years I wouldn't think of trying another brand, when something works so good why use anything else.

Maggie Grindatti
Brazilian Jiujitsu Champion

When I first started using tape for my fingers my go to was hockey tape, it was cheap and could get it anywhere.

The problem with hockey tape is that it is not meant for Jiu Jitsu and it would come off after 20-30 minutes of training.

So a friend introduced me to wartape back in 2015 after a tournament in New Jersey. 

I commonly use the .5 inch tape for my fingers, i can depend on the long last adhesive to stay in place and not come off during hard training.

One of the things i love about the .5 inch tape is that it pre-cut in half so it is like two rolls in one.

Eric H.
Jiujitsu Fighter

As a full time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor and competitor, I cannot tell you guys how much War Tape has helped me out. I use the finger tape daily to save my knuckles from Gi burn and future arthritis, and I use the larger size to help with sprains and strains! I love that you can see it across the room and know that it’s the brand so many athletes use and love. From Boxing to Jiu Jitsu to MMA, there is not a better tape that we trust to hold us together!!

Sa’idah (GinjaNinja) Durkee

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